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Although authorities haven't yet found documentation verifying identities of a couple accused of kidnapping an 8-year-old girl, they now believe the woman is the child's natural mother.

A preliminary hearing Wednesday in 2nd Circuit Court was continued to Oct. 27 to allow the Morgan County sheriff's office and the state Division of Family Services time to seek birth and marriage certificates from out-of-state.At the hearing, the man, who was booked into the Weber County Jail Oct. 5 under the name Patrick Wayne Smith, said his true name is Wayne Robert Smith.

Smith, 39, and the woman, identified as Bonnie Leland Smith, 38, also were charged with attempted kidnapping before Judge Mark S. Johnson. Last Friday, the Smiths were charged with kidnapping in 2nd Circuit Court in Ogden.

They remain in the Weber County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail each.

Authorities are waiting for jail rec-ords and fingerprints from several states. They will try to match them with those taken from the Smiths after their arrest. Deputy sheriff Steve Seim said obtaining the information has been slowed due to the 29 aliases Bonnie Smith is said to have.

The kidnapping charge came after Coeleen Smith was taken from the foyer of her school, Morgan Elementary, on the afternoon of Oct. 5. The attempted-kidnapping charge resulted from a reported attempt to take Coeleen's 10-year-old sister, Kaeleen, from Morgan Middle School the same afternoon.

Seim said the reported attempt to take Kaeleen was thwarted by the girl's teachers, who did not recognize the man and a woman who entered the school to get her.

Kaeleen and Coeleen had been living in Morgan with a foster family. The two girls have been wards of the state since July 30, when Bonnie Smith was arrested in the Newgate Mall for investigation of shoplifting, said Ogden detective John Panter. Bonnie Smith gave police an alias when she was booked into jail in that case, police said.

Panter said that when the name did not check out to be hers, the two girls were placed in protective custody and turned over for foster care.

Bonnie Smith was bailed out of jail July 31 but did not appear later for her scheduled court date, Panter said.

Carrying a search warrant, officers Wednesday afternoon opened a Salt Lake City storage unit that they said had been rented by the Smiths. Officers were searching for stolen property and also hoped to find documentation that might clear up the mystery of the couple's identities.

A Spokane, Wash., man who told authorities he is married to Wayne Smith's sister was in town this week trying to clear up the confusion about the couple's identity and relationship to the two girls.

"It's just so frustrating knowing you are a relative and they don't believe you because of the stories that have been told," said Glen Simpson, 31. He said the girls' older sister, Corina, 11, lives with him and his family in Spokane.