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After Weber State had lost its fifth straight last weekend, the Wildcats were challenged by coaches to exhibit a heady attitude about the rest of the season, to do the little things that separate winners from losers.

After a week of workouts, "It appears to me we did accomplish a lot of good things in practice," says Coach Dave Arslanian, 0-5 as his club awaits today's 3:05 p.m. televised (KVIX-Ch. 14) meeting at Wildcat Stadium with 2-3 Southern Utah State."As I told the team when they left the field last night," Arslanian said Friday, "I think we've done it, but they have to convince me of that Saturday."

Arslanian had talked of making changes and playing players who showed the influence he was looking for. "Everyone responded," he says.

There will be subtle changes, but not because of benchings. Some players have shown in recent weeks "the need to play more. We'll utilize some people a little more," Arslanian says.

Since the running game in hiding, backs George Jackson and Geoff Mitchell will be sent out for more passes. Russ Henry and a couple young offensive linemen may play more.

On defense, "We'll use our depth more," Arslanian says. Linebackers Troy Juergens and Bob Croyle will get more time, though C.D. Beck and Reid Leland are among the most effective defenders Weber has. And Tim Otton should get some time on the defensive line.

Arslanian says Weber may also use fewer plays "and run them better. What we're doing is the right thing. It's just that little edge that winning teams have and losing teams don't," he says.

"Right now," says right defensive end Kenny Peck, "our defense is playing really good, and the offense is, as the coaches put it, a play away. They just need the confidence to get rolling."

Peck, who came to Weber from Ricks College, knows how important a game like this is to smaller-school players and says SUSC, "is coming off a win and coming up here to beat us." He has friends playing for the T-Birds and says, "It's going to be a more exciting game than what people think."

Peck and reciever Dave Hall look at this game - Weber's first this season where the Wildcats aren't underdogs - as a fresh start. "It's got to be a new beginning," Peck says.

Hall says, looking at the rest of the schedule, "There's no reason we shouldn't go 6-5; that's what we're shooting for.

But, says Arslanian, "It's not time to take a deep breath. We've got to look at what we've done and learn from our mistakes."