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Within a few weeks after he was baptized in May 1836 by Elder Parley P. Pratt, John Taylor became active in missionary work. He accompanied Elder Pratt in preaching in the countryside around Toronto, his home in eastern Canada.

Later, after he was ordained an apostle, he was among those who departed on April 26, 1839, for a mission to Europe. "Elder Taylor was a man of great faith in God and believed thoroughly in preaching the gospel `without purse or scrip,' " wrote B. H. Roberts. " . . . he would never ask a human being for help. He asked the Lord, and his prayers never went unanswered."When they were about to sail from New York to Liverpool, he and two other brethren were almost destitute of means, not having sufficient to pay one passage, much less three. Notwithstanding their predicament, a very short time before the vessel was to sail Elder Taylor told one of his companions to go and engage passage for all three to Liverpool. His fellow-laborers were non-plussed and asked where on earth could they get means in so short a time. Elder Taylor answered that there was plenty of means in the world and the Lord would send them enough before the vessel sailed to pay their way. His words were most remarkably fulfilled. He asked no person for money, and yet immediately after he made the prediction one after another came to them and proffered assistance, until enough was provided to meet their expenses to Liverpool." (LDS Biographical Encyclopedia 1:15-16.)

Upon his arrival in England on Jan. 11, 1840, Elder Taylor began his missionary work, preaching, baptizing, organizing branches and, with his brethren, regulating the Church throughout the British Isles. He introduced the gospel to Ireland and the Isle of Man, extending his labors into Scotland.

After completing his mission, he returned to Nauvoo, Ill., on July 1, 1841. From 1850-1852, he served in France. During that mission, the Book of Mormon was translated into French and German under his direction. During his labors, several branches of the Church were organized in France.



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Information compiled by Gerry Avant

Sources: LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Vol. 1, by B. H. Roberts; Presidents of the Church, by Preston Nibley; Essentials in Church History, by Joseph Fielding Smith.