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Salt Lake City Corp. and Utah Heritage Foundation were honored here Friday at the 43rd conference of the National Trust for Historic Preservation for their work in restoring the Salt Lake City and County Building.

The Association of Junior Leagues and a Cooperstown, N.Y., man shared the top Crowninshield Award presented during the ceremonies for their efforts in protecting America's heritage from wrecking crews."The Junior League has galvanized entire communities across America," said J. Jackson Walter, president of the National Trust, which was chartered by Congress to encourage public participation in the preservation of buildings, sites and objects significant to the nation's history and culture.

He specifically noted the League's efforts in restoring three historic theaters in Cleveland, spurring more than $140 million in urban development, and restoring the Iolani Palace in Honolulu and the nine structures that comprised the 1812 Fairmount Waterworks in Philadelphia.

First lady Barbara Bush, in a letter to the National Trust that included President Bush's congratulations, praised the association, which represents 264 leagues with 172,000 members across the nation, calling its work "a shining example of involvement, collaboration, organization and leadership in preserving the beauty and culture of our cities and towns."

Frederick Rath Jr., of Cooperstown, who was the first director of the National Trust, was hailed by Walter for his "vision and firm standards that set the course for our role as the leader in the preservation movement."

The National Trust presented 15 other awards for "extraordinary leadership in the preservation movement" and for "tenacity in helping to keep America's heritage alive."