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What college? Where? When? How much?

These are just a few of the questions young high school students are faced with as they prepare to find a school that will likely become their training ground for a life-long career.The Utah College Fair at Highland High School, 1700 E. 2100 South, will allow students the opportunity to get their questions answered in one day and at one location.

This year's fair, the ninth annual, will be Saturday at Highland High, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. According to Kathryn Hayes, one of the organizers of this year's event, 110 colleges and universities from throughout the United States will be sending representatives to the fair.

This is, she noted, an excellent opportunity for students to get the information they need about schools they may be interested in attending next year . . . "Such as costs, opportunities for scholarships, what surrounding communities are like, what activities are available, what are the work opportunities, and what majors they graduate.

"It's a chance for parents and students to meet representatives from a variety of different schools, and all at one location."

According to Hayes, there are only four such fairs in the western U.S. each year - Albuquerque, Denver, California and Utah.

This is, however, not just a function for Highland High, she said, "but for all schools and all students. I know of buses coming down from Idaho and Wyoming.

"Also, this is not just for seniors. This is a good opportunity for sophomores and juniors to look ahead, especially if they are planning to attend a military academy."

Hayes also suggested that those students coming to the fair bring along a list of all the questions they would like answered.

"And then go to the different representatives and have each answer the questions. That way you can sit down and compare answers."

Booths will be set up in the school and representatives will be there to answer questions and make available handouts.

Students planning to attend college next year, and their parents, will find the fair extremely beneficial.

One of the more important area that students should inquire into is scholarships. There are several types of scholarships available and not all are tied into academic standing.

In most cases, scholarship applications must be submitted months before classes start in order that they be processed, examined and then acted upon.

The recommendation is, too, that students not limit themselves to just applying for a scholarship at one school. It is possible to be turned down at one, but accepted at another.

Students attending the fair will be able to ask representatives about scholarship availability, deadlines and procedures.

Along with major colleges and universities from outside Utah, those inside the state will also be represented at the College Fair.