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Alta View Hospital

BARNES, John and April, Herriman, boy.

DILLMAN, Richard and Julie, Salt Lake City, boy.

MOORE, Cassendra and LARSON, Ben, Salt Lake City, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BLACK, James and Tamara, Salt Lake City, boy.

CAMPBELL, Lanny and Jennifer, Salt Lake City, boy.

CHRISTENSEN, Richard and Linda, West Jordan, girl.

EOFF, Sean and Jennifer, Salt Lake City, girl.

GORE, Donald and Kathryn, Magna, girl.

HILL, David and Diane, Salt Lake City, boy.

JACKSON, Robert and Jill, Salt Lake City, girl.

LAO, Bay Ha and Khang, West Jordan, boy.

OLORENSHAW, Dave and Georgia, Magna, boy.

RAMEY, Greg and Teresh, Salt Lake City, girl.

SCHOUTEN, Larry and Patsy, Riverton, girl.

SINNER, Jeff and Jodie, Salt Lake City, girl.

THOMAS, Kelly and Lois, Salt Lake City, girl.

THORUP, Todd and Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ABBOTT, Teresa, girl.

BILLINGHAM, Daniel and Susan, girl.

CARSON, Patrick and Peggy Sue, girl.

CHRISTIANSEN, Alan and Jacqueline, girl.

EMMETT, Craig and Debora, boy.

HENDERSON, Stephen and Cherri, boy.

HERD, Fletcher and Monica, boy.

KIRSTINE, Cindy and QUINTANA, David, boy.

LACOMBE, Thom and Lori, boy.

LANCE, Andy and Keri, boy.

MATCH, Allen and Robyn, boy.

PARK, Pete and Bonnie, boy.

STUMPP, Tim and Traci, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSON, Robert Jack and Robyn, boy.

CARRION, Lisa, girl.

EVANS, Eric T., and Barbara, boy.

GIAUQUE, James A., III and Cynthia, girl.

GRIFFITH, John Walter and Jane, boy.

HAUBER, John and Becky, girl.

HUFFAKER, Troy and Sherry, boy.

JONES, Keith R., and Kathleen, boy.

KENER, David W., and Lanae, boy.

KYSER, Brad and Tammy, boy.

LARSON, Harold Rex and Corleen, boy.

LECATES, Kyle Douglas and Patricia, girl.

MIYA, Michael S., and Janice, boy.

NOWAK, Douglas F., and Christine, girl.

PAPPAS, Richard and Rebeca, girl.

REDBOY, Arnold V., and Terry, boy.

SIMON, Wayne and Stormy, boy.

SLATE, Lori, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BALLARD, Bruce and Shanna, girl.

DEW, Lindsey and Vicki, boy.

EDDINGTON, Michael and Tami-Li, boy.

ELLIS, Michael and Katherine, girl.

ERICKSON, Randy and Jeannine, girl.

FRECKLETON, Brian Keith and Jeri, boy.

GRIMES, Doug and Susan, girl.

HEALY, Shawn and Sheryl, boy.

MCCORMICK, Michael and Holly, girl.

MILLER, David and Debbie, girl.

REYNOLDS, Brian and Teresa, girl.

University Medical Center-

BERRY, Shane and Angie, twins, boy and girl.

DUFFY, Michael and Nicole, girl.

HENRY, Russell and Kaylynn, girl.

MEEKS, Stanton and Anna, girl.

SHUMWAY, Scott and Maria, boy.