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Davis School District students, except those in year-round schools, will make up the day that was lost to a statewide teacher walkout on Monday, Jan. 22, 1990.

The school board gave preliminary approval to the plan that requires students to attend school on a day originally scheduled for a career ladder or teacher preparation day. The day will count for Sept. 25 when teachers across the state stayed out of classrooms.Students on tracks A, C and D in the district's five year-round elementary schools will be required to attend makeup classes on Friday, Dec. 22. Other schools were already scheduled to attend school that day. Students on track B of the year-round schedule were out of school during the walkout and will not be affected.

Students at 50 Davis schools who spent two days out of the classroom will not have to make up a second day. Those students were affected when Davis High teachers staged a spontaneous walkout on Sept. 22. Schools closed throughout the day, and district officials said it would be difficult to determine how long each school would have go into session to make up lost time.

State Superintendent James Moss had ruled that Sept. 22 would be considered a day of attendance for students if the school board so chose.

Teachers will be required to make up the career ladder day on Monday, Feb. 19, the Presidents Day holiday. The extra day will not affect students, who were already scheduled to be out of school.

A policy decision about how to pay teachers for time during the walkout brought criticism from the public.

"Somewhere society has to pay the penalty for what they (teachers) do. They did something, and they should have to pay a penalty and they did not," said Melza Gramoll of Bountiful.

The board decided to pay teachers for time they were at school on Sept. 22 and pay them for time on the makeup day in January. Teachers must make special application for the pay, however. Many have said they will refuse any pay even if they were at school part of the time, Kathie Bone, Davis Education Association president, said.

Board member Bob Thurgood also said he disagreed with paying teachers for time they were at school Sept. 22. He asked that language saying that teachers be paid only for time they were in the classroom be added to the board's walkout policy.

Bone objected because some teachers helped students get on buses and acted as crossing guards. The board failed to support Thurgood's language. Thurgood also disagreed on counting attendance at schools where teachers voted to walk out before classes began.

"How do we justify a day of attendance when students didn't even see teachers?" Thurgood asked.

Superintendent Richard Kendell said that any other plan would be difficult to administer.

Jan Pace, a Classified Employees Association representative, also voiced concern about giving school workers such as janitors and secretaries compensation time instead of salaries on the January makeup day.

"Classified employees already have numerous hours of compensation time which they are not able to take. They need to be paid for that," Jan Pace said.

Kendell explained the district has a policy against paying overtime and hopes to encourage principals to allow the classified employees to use compensation time earned on the makeup day.