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Five bombs presumably set off by drug traffickers exploded in three Colombian cities and injured at least four people, police said Monday.

On Sunday, Ecuador said it had deported a top drug suspect to Colombia, and Bogota newspapers said the army seized guns and cash at the home of another reputed cocaine kingpin.National police in Bogota said three people were wounded when three bombs exploded Sunday in the western city of Cali, home of a powerful cocaine cartel. Another person was injured when a bomb exploded in the northern city of Sincelejo. An explosion in the capital caused no injuries.

A 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew was ordered in Sincelejo, where four other bombs were found and deactivated, the Colombian radio chain RCN said.

In Ecuador, Interior Minister Andres Vallejo was quoted as saying that "drug traffickers should know that they can't hide in Ecuador."

An official statement released late Sunday said suspected drug dealer Evaristo Porras Ardila was sent back to Colombia earlier in the day but gave no details.

Porras was ranked No. 8 on a list of traffickers who were most-wanted in Colombia's 6-week-old war on the nation's cocaine cartels.

He is not, however, among the 12 Colombians the United States wants extradited to face drug charges. None of the 12 has been captured.

Porras was arrested in Quito, Ecuador's capital, on Wednesday, according to the government statement. Since 1987, he had lived in that country under an assumed name and was president of Ecuamer, an import-export enterprise, the statement said.

El Espectador, another Bogota daily, quoted an unidentified police official as saying 500 officers and soldiers tried to capture another major trafficking suspect in a raid Saturday 50 miles north of the capital.

But as the army and police closed in, two helicopters flew away from the suspected hideout of Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, the newspaper said.