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To the editor:

It seems when tragedies occur, the very best in people comes out. The appreciation and love we, as the family of Joshua Dennis, feel toward all of the wonderful people who have helped us search for our son cannot adequately be expressed.First, our heartfelt thanks go to Sheriff Don Proctor and his entire staff of officers, search-and-rescue personnel and others connected with the Tooele County Sheriff's Department.

Many volunteers with their equipment and search dogs spent hours combing the mine and the mountain for our lost son. Sheriff Pete Hayward sent his team of expert search-and-rescue personnel over to help and their professionalism was needed and appreciated.

Rangers from Dugway Proving Grounds along with Army support helicopters searched the rugged hills around the mine. Restaurants, grocery stores and many other private businesses throughout Tooele County provided food, drinks and other supplies, all without cost.

Several wards of the LDS Church, including the Stockton Ward and our own Kearns 30th Ward, provided many wonderful and dedicated people who were willing to search, provide support, and do anything else in their power to help our family in this time of need.

Utah Power and Light sent a special mine search and rescue crew who were specially trained to provide assistance in the mine. There were so many people and volunteers who were willing to give their all for our son. You know who you are and although we may never meet you, we love and appreciate you for bringing our son home safe to us.

Ultimately, we wish to thank John Skinner for following impressions which we feel came from above. We will never forget the days of unpaid sacrifice each of you made for us and thank God for bringing Josh home.

Terry and Janeen Dennis

Salt Lake City