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In the wake of a school-crossing accident that killed a Bountiful girl, the City Council has approved two more crossing guards for areas near elementary schools and denied four other requests for guards and flashing lights.

Voting this week, the council approved a crossing guard at 1000 East and 400 North near Hannah Holbrook School and another at 2250 South and 400 East near Muir Elementary.The action follows an accident where Christie and Kimberly Steuart were hospitalized after being struck on Sept. 12 by a car at 900 East and 1800 South. Christie, 5, died Sept. 13.

Another girl, Anisa Ramaileh, 5, was struck by a car on Sept. 13 in a crosswalk three blocks away. She was treated at a local hospital and released. All of the girls were walking to Valley View Elementary.

Three weeks ago, the City Council approved two sets of flashing school-zone lights on 1800 South at 900 East and at Davis Boulevard after an emotional plea from parents. They also agreed to hire crossing guards to help children cross 1800 South at 900 East and Davis Boulevard at 1500 South.

The council agreed to study other school crossings that residents and school officials were concerned about.

Citing traffic studies and a review by the city's traffic committee, the council Tuesday denied requests for flashing lights at 250 North and 400 East, where a crossing guard is already assigned near Hannah Holbrook Elementary, and at 1500 South and Davis Boulevard where a guard was assigned three weeks ago.

Requests for crossing guards at 700 East and 400 North and at 250 North and 100 East were denied. City Engineer Jack Balling told the council that traffic in those two areas does not meet standards for placing guards and lights.