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"Easy listening" music is alive and well in Utah. In fact, more Wasatch Front radio listeners prefer that music than any other, at least according to the latest Arbitron radio ratings for last summer.

KSFI (FM-100.3, alias "FM-100") was the No. 1 rated station for listeners age 12 and over. The station had a 9.4 percent audience share, but this strong performance is somewhat of a mystery since KSFI officials can't recall a previous summer ratings period when the station ever came up No. 1 (probably because of the number of kids who are out of school and thus listening to the radio MORE in the summer than the remainder of the year).The remainder of the summer's top 10, according to Arbitron are: (2) KKAT (FM-101.9), 9.1 share; (3) KISN (FM-97.1/AM-570), 8.0; (4) KCPX (FM-98.7), 6.9; (5) KBER (FM-101.1 and FM-106.5), 5.3; (6) KSOP (FM-104.3, AM-1370) 5.2; (7) KZHT (FM-94.9), 4.9; (8) KSL (AM-1160), 4.6; (9) KJQN (alias "KJQ," FM-104.9, 95.5 and 92.7), 3.8 and (10) KRSP (FM-103.5), 3.7.

Rounding out the top 20 are: (11) (tie) KLZX (FM-93.3/AM-860), and KTKK (AM-630, alias "K-Talk"), both 3.0; (13) KMGR (FM-107.5), 2.9; (14) KZOL (FM-96.1/AM-960), 2.5; (15) (tie) KDYL (AM-1280) and KALL (AM-910), both 2.4; (17) (tie) KLCY (FM-94.1) and KLVV (FM-99.5), both 2.2; (19) KKYW (FM-97.9, alias "Y-98") 2.1; and (20) KDAB (FM-101.1 and now off the air), 1.7.

For comparision purposes, the top 10 order for last winter's Arbitron ratings were: KSFI, KKAT, KCPX, KSOP, KSL, KISN, KRSP, KBER, KJQN and KMGR.

The new Arbitron results reveal that KISN and KBER are on a strong upswing, while KSL continues its downward slide, going from fifth to eighth in six months.

Also, KZHT, a station who's frequency has changed formats just about every year for the past five, may have finally found that winning programming with its pop-modern music that "you can dance to." KZHT soared from 16th last winter to an amazing seventh place, knocking KMGR out of the top 10! I believe we can safely assume that FM-94.9 will not be having an annual format change this year.

-LAST WEEK, the Birch Radio Ratings were published in this column, and its summer rankings were considerably different from the Arbitron's figures listed above. Part of the reason for this is that Birch's ratings favor a younger audience, while Arbitron has more of an adult leaning.

However, the differences are still dramatic and one of these days I'm going to start calling a spade a spade and to refer to Arbitron and Birch's rankings as estimates and not as ratings! After all, every radio station is No. 1 to at least one group of people.

Here are Birch's summer rankings for additional comparison purposes:

(1) KKAT; (2) KCPX; (3) KBER; (4) KISN; (5) KSOP; (6) KZHT; (7) KSFI; (8) (tie) KLZX and KSL; (10) KJQN.

Rounding out Birch's latest top 20 were: KRSP-FM, KALL, KTKK, KMGR, KZOL, KDYL, KDAB, KKWY, KBYU and KLVV.

-KUSW - While most radio trip giveaways provide opportunities "to take you away from it all" to some exotic place, this Salt Lake shortwave radio station recently gave listeners a chance to win trips to Utah in its "From the West to the World" contest.

Earlier this month, the contest's three winners and their guests arrived in Utah from Australia, England and Massachusetts. They visited Salt Lake City's most popular tourist attractions.

Shortwave radio has the potential to reach the entire world, hence the far away homelands of some of the contest winners.

- KUSW has also been recently airing "Skinny" Johnny Mitchell's "Top 12 at 12" show (from sister station KRSP-AM) on shortwave and has reportedly been getting good worldwide response.

-KRSP (FM-103.5) - "Dean & Roger" (alias Dean Myers and Roger Beaty) went on location to the Tri-Arc Hotel parking lot Tuesday morning and awarded Rolling Stone concert tickets to the listeners who came by and performed the craziest stunts.

Here are examples of four zany ticket-winning stunts:

- A man came out of a coffin dressed as a resurrected Elvis.

- Another man shaved his body in front of the two deejays.

- An apparently real FBI agent "arrested" Dean and Roger on the spot for some sort of sound or decibel violation" (and they went off the air for a short time).

- A pair of girls dressed in garbage bags came by and sang songs like "Satisfaction."

KRSP was using its new mobile, a 34-foot radio studio for this on-location broadcast. Named the "Rock Assault Vehicle," it can deliver 3,000-watts of sound.

- In other KRSP news, the station's annual Haunted House, the "Dungeon of Darkness," 4000 S. 900 East, has raised about $40,000 for the March of Dimes during the first two weeks of operation.

-KSL (AM-1160) will air a new CBS series, The Games People Play," with Bill Lynch starting Monday, Oct. 23. The show will air daily at 8:53 a.m., 12:24 p.m. and 3:25 p.m., through Friday, Oct. 27.

The show's 15 different segments will take a look at the world of sports and the ways it has changed over the years.

- KSL will air the UTEP at Brigham Young University game Saturday, Oct. 21, at 12:45 p.m. The Denver at Seattle NFL game will be on Sunday, Oct. 22, at 1:50 p.m.

-KMGR (FM-107.5) - The station is now simulcasting the "Mark (Van Wagoner) in the Morning Show" on KMGR-AM.

The AM station still has a separate classic rhythm and blues satellite format, except during 6-10 a.m., when Van Wagoner's show goes simulcast. KMGR-FM has a "gold-based" soft adult contemporary format.

Ironically, KMGR-AM is the next station up on the AM dial from where Van Wagoner was heard on KSL before making the change to KMGR.

-KUER (FM-90.1) has named Derek Marquis as news director. He was formerly the afternoon drive-time news anchor at KSL and has also worked for KBYU-FM, CBS, UPI and the MacNeil/Leherer Newshour. Marquis is a BYU graduate and has receieved numerous broadcasting awards.

-KALL (AM-910) will feature guest Tom Barberi on the "Sports Kall with Tom Nissalke" show tonight. The University of Utah at Stanford game airs Saturday, Oct. 21, at 1:10 p.m. and the Los Angeles Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles game will be broadcast Sunday, Oct. 22, at 10:33 a.m.