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The Utah Supreme Court's split decision upholding Arden Brett Bullock's conviction for child sexual abuse took the former Bountiful architect completely by surprise, he says.

"I was really flabbergasted," he said Friday. "I could see no reason at all that they could have the finding they had."Bullock, who now lives in Murray, was convicted three years ago in Farmington's 2nd District Court on three counts of aggravated child sexual abuse and three counts of sodomy on a child.

After spending a year of a mandatory 15-year minimum sentence in the state prison, he was released on $65,000 bail pending appeal of his case before the state high court.

Since then, he and his new wife have had a baby, now 15 months old, and he has been working to re-establish his business.

All that will change now, he said. He could be sent back to prison as soon as next week, although his attorney said he plans a new series of appeals.

Bullock is scheduled to appear before 2nd District Judge Rodney Page on Tuesday to be resentenced and returned to prison.

Bullock maintains he is innocent and that the charges against him arose out of a bitter divorce and custody dispute that snowballed when a social worker, Barbara Snow, interviewing the children involved, convinced them they had been sexually abused.

Bullock's attorney in the appeal, Craig S. Cook, said he thought the justices' decision was a bad one, and it will be appealed.

He said he will seek a quick hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court and, if that fails, will seek more hearings before the Utah Supreme Court, then take the case to federal appeals court.