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The most recent patents issued to Utah inventors up to date of publication Oct. 22 include four medical, three mechanical, four chemical and three electrical patents. Among them are one optical recording patent and one X-ray patent:

Lance P. Kelson, 300 N. 5555 West, and Ross J. Kelson, 436 N. 5550 West, Ogden 84404. Medical sampling needle removal and disposal device. Patent 4,862,573.

Lonnie C. DeGooyer, 349 E. 5600 South, Murray 84017. Spacers made of foamed polymeric material and method of using same in laying tile. After the tile mastic is set, the spacers are removed by burning and the open channels are filled with a grout. Patent 4,862,668.

Steven M. Smith, Salt Lake City. Device for percutaneous dilation. Assigned to Canyon Medical Products, Salt Lake City. Patent 4,862,891.

James L. Shaw, Bluffdale. Trampoline suspension system. Assigned to Weslo Inc., Logan. Patent 4,863,156.

James D. McGregor, Logan. Continuous reinforcement method for flexible bearing laminate. Assigned to Morton Thiokol Inc., Chicago. Patent 4,863,367.

Robert Jarvik, Salt Lake City. Artificial ventricle. Assigned to Symbion Inc., Salt Lake City. Patent 4,863,461.

Theodore H. Stanley, Salt Lake City, and Brian Hague, West Valley. Compositions and methods of manufacture of compressed powder medicaments; method for producing a drug-containing lollipop. Assigned to University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Patent 4,863,737.

Irena Gawin, Sandy. Damage tolerant composites containing infusible particles. Assigned to Hercules Inc., Wilmington, Del. Patent 4,863,787.

Harvey H. Ashmead, Kaysville; H. Dewayne Ashmead, Fruit Heights, and Darrell J. Graff, Ogden. Amino acid chelated compositions for delivery to specific biological tissue sites. Patent 4,863,898.

Dinesh C. Patel, Murray, and Yunik Chang, Lakewood, N.J. Penetration enhancement with binary system of oleic acid, oleins and oleyl alcohol with lower alcohols. Assigned to Theratech Inc., Salt Lake City. Patent 4,863,970.

Jerald S. Bradshaw, Provo; Brian A Jones, Marietta, Ohio; Karin E. Markides, Provo, and Milton L. Lee, Pleasant Grove. Novel liquid crystalline compounds and polymers. A method for achieving chromatographic separation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Assigned to Brigham Young University, Provo. Patent 4,864,033.

Robert A. Lapetina; Gordon L. Snow, and David P. Baird, all of Salt Lake City. Two-dimensional piezoelectric transducer assembly. Assigned to Edo Corp., Western Division, Salt Lake City. Patent 4,864,179.

Josef Michi, Salt Lake City, and Parvathi S. Murthy, Middletown, N.J. Polymers and dye combinations and methods for their use in optical recording; application of selected wavelength radiation causes, localized thermal relaxation of birefringence in the material, effecting later optical readout of information. Assigned to University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Patent 4,864,537.

Robert A. Kruger, Salt Lake City. Enhancement method and system for X-ray imaging. Assigned to Innovative Imaging Sciences Inc., Salt Lake City. Patent 4,864,596.