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Take the same care in dressing for fitness class as you do for work or lunch with a friend and you'll not only feel better about yourself but you'll perk up the rest of the class, too.

Molly Fox of Molly Fox Studio says that when women exercise, their fashions should be functional and motivational. Leave the oversized T-shirts, disco clothes and see-through garments at home. Pack leotards and leggings in one of those wonderful opaque colors, instead. It shows you've made a lifetime commitment to fitness and that you're not ashamed of your body."Black is `in' outside the gym," she says, "but colorful leotards and tights add energy."

There are times, however, when black or dark colors are best, particularly to camouflage the body flaws you want to work on - big tummy, big hips, heavy legs, thick arms. If you try to cover up those "sore spots" with sloppy clothes, the instructor can't see if or how much you are improving.

-G-strings, thongs and roll-ups are fun - only if treated with respect, preferably as accessories worn over dark leotards, tights or workout pants.

-Save the star-studded, glitzy stuff for the discos.

-Pair up light, white and fleshtone tights and unitards with more demure leotards. Otherwise, when you begin to sweat, the clothes become transparent.

-Leave underpants in the locker. Once you start moving, the leotard starts to hike up and the underwear hangs out. Also, it's a good idea to keep a sports bra handy. Not only is it more comfortable, but you'll be sure you don't wind up with black lace peeking through day-glo yellow workout clothes.

Says Fox, whose studios feature aerobics, muscle toning, dance and weights, "We have mirrors lining the walls because we want people to look at themselves and feel good about what they see."