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DEAR ABBY: I've been reading your column in the New York Post since you started writing. I'm 88 years old, have been an American citizen since 1930, and have worked as both a musician and printer until three years ago. I'm now retired and collect Social Security and union pensions.

Now, my reason for writing: I feel that I, and other senior citizens, are being discriminated against because a New York law prohibits men and women who are over 75 from serving as jurors.Last year I applied for jury duty in the Brooklyn Supreme Court and was rejected because of my age. Isn't that outrageous?

When a man such as the late Claude Pepper could function brilliantly in the U.S. Congress until his untimely death recently at age 88, why should citizens be deprived of serving as jurors simply because they are more than 75 years old?

I am sure there are many others like me who could prove, by a physician's certificate if necessary, that they could perform as efficiently as younger people.

In all my 55 years of being an American citizen, I have never missed voting. Abby, please help us older folks. - SAMUEL PEVSNER

DEAR MR. PEVSNER: I called upon Sidney D. Rosoff, Esq. - my trusty New York legal eagle. His reply, in part:

"Dear Abby: You will be pleased to learn that by amendment of the New York State Judiciary Law in 1987, effective Sept. 1, 1987, they deleted the provision that a juror had to be less than 76 years of age. (There were obviously others who felt the same as Mr. Pevsner - that `the riper the fruit, the sweeter it is.')

"Mr. Pevsner can therefore refer the jury clerk to the provisions of Section 510 of the New York State Judiciary Law if the issue arises the next time he is called. We have been advised by the County Clerk's office that it is now their policy that those prospective jurors over age 70 who receive notice of jury service will be permitted to serve at their option."

So, relax, Sam. You're still eligible for jury duty.

DEAR ABBY: I've never seen this discussed in your column, but I can't believe I'm the only one who has ever had this problem - woman or man.

My husband and I had a very happy marriage. When he died, it was too soon - it always is - but I'm learning to live without him. No moping, no whining. I manage to lead a busy, pleasant family and social life.

After a while, acquaintances and relatives began urging me to date. (There is no pressure from close friends, who simply include me in their plans.) I don't want to "date" and have said as much. Still, they give my telephone number to "likely prospects," so when I'm called, I make excuses.

I have my hands full fielding approaches without this. I'm at a loss to know how to handle the situation. Any help? - CONTENT ALONE

DEAR CONTENT: Your signature is the perfect response. "Thank you. I'm content alone."