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Alta View Hospital

COLLINS, Richard and Theresa, Sandy, boy.

DENSLEY, Casey and Nichole, Draper, girl.

DOWNS, Craig and Saundra, Sandy, girl.

EDWARDS, Robbie and Susan, Provo, boy.

KOFOED, Clyde and Tracy, West Valley, boy.

RUTT, Francie and SCOTT, Carey, Sandy, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

COLVIN, Michael L. and Suzanne, Rock Springs, Wyo., girl.

HIGLEY, Jerry and Kerri, Magna, girl.

HOGUE, David C. and Michelle, Salt Lake, girl.

JENSEN, Brian L. and Carrie H., Orem, boy.

LAMB, David R. and Patti Y., Sandy, girl.

RAY, Michael W. and Cindy B., Copperton, girl.

SCHATTEN, Karl L. and Sharon E., Salt Lake, boy.

WEEKS, Dennis L. and Claudia P., Salt Lake, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

SCHELIN, Mark and Shauna, Kearns, boy.

CORBRIDGE, Cal and Francine, boy.

KARAM, Gaby and Sana, boy.

LUKER, Jeff and Angelic, boy.

SHAPLEY, William and Esther, girl.

SHIMADA, Kerry and Carey, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BENSON, Jon and Cheryl, boy.

CHRISTENSEN, Tamera, boy.

CLARK, Rick and Sandra, boy.

CLINE, Terrence E. and Debra, girl.

CRUMP, Kevin M. and Peggy, boy.

HASTINGS, Clint and Nina, boy.

MCMASTER, Steven T. and Carol, boy.

MOORE, Sean W. and Faye, boy.

PARKINSON, Sedley W. and Cecilia, girl.

RUECKERT, Michael John and Kendra, boy.

SHIRLEY, Marion Lynn and Tirzah, girl.

STONE, Laurence E. and Marilyn, girl.

WEDER, Dennis G. and ReNae, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BEESE, Larry and Vicki, Salt Lake, boy.

GREENFIELD, Dion and Kimberly, Sandy, boy.

IRELAND, Michael and Robyn, West Valley, girl.

TERRY, Douglas and Shannon, Salt Lake, boy.

TURNBOW, Mark and Gloria, West Valley, girl.

WOOD, James and Dawn, Salt Lake, girl.

University Medical Center-

DEMPLE, Joseph and Ssherie, boy.

GAYLOR, Ken and Lisa, boy.

MIRCY, Joe and Bonnie, girl.

MITCHELL, John and Tina, girl.

PAYNE, John and Brenda, boy.