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While candidates for mayor and City Council positions are concerned with the community's growth in the next several years, each has different experience that would benefit the city's administration of that growth.

City Councilman Guy Cash, who hopes to succeed Mayor George Tripp, would bring his business experience to the position, while mayoral candidate Dale Ashton would bring an engineer's perspective to the job.

Progressive Party mayoral candidate Guy Cash, 59, 154 S. 100 West, has been a member of the City Council for four years. He has served as president of the Chamber of Commerce, on the Lehi Library Board and as a member of the East Main Development Commission. He is former owner of Cash's Western Auto and has been self-employed since 1956.

Cash said he is concerned about Lehi's tax base. "In the past Lehi has had limited industry and commerce," Cash said. "I would work very hard to upgrade the image of our community. I would start with city-owned properties and bring them up to a standard we would encourage our citizens to match.

"I have a strong feeling we can create a spirit of cooperation between citizenry and leaders."

Citizen Party mayoral candidate Dale Ashton, 46, 119 E. 1150 North, was a City Council member for four years. As part of his duties he dealt with water and sewer issues.

"With my previous experience on the City Council and my engineering background, I can address the critical issues, plan for the inevitable growth of Lehi and develop better communications with the city employees," Ashton said.

Ashton also served on the Timp Special Service District board of directors for three years. He is a member of the Lehi Metropolitan Water District board and was a member of the Utah County Sanitary Landfill Committee for two years.

Ashton said the city's water supply should be expanded. He wants to see the pressurized water system completed. One of his concerns as mayor would be to educate residents about the costs of the new irrigation system and how those costs will affect them.

Attracting more industry into Lehi is also high on Ashton's priority list.

City Council

Carolyn Player, 50, is running on the Progressive Party ticket. Player, 323 S. 100 West, has been a member of Chamber of Commerce for cc18p9six years and served as president and vice president.

Player said she feels the City Council needs a woman's viewpoint. She emphasized her willingness to listen and to be fair.

"There are a lot of projects I'd like to see finished," Player said. She named such things as beautification in the city, the water system and repair of city streets. She also emphasized the need to promote business in Lehi.

Richard Smith, 550 N. 1150 East, said he wants to research the problem of access to the junior high school. He supports youth programs in Lehi and said these programs should be reinforced.

Smith also said he is concerned about the Police Department and the recent loss of several good employees. If elected he intends to study the problem and attempt to correct it. He also said he feels city employees need to know they are appreciated.

Johnny Barnes, 37, is running for City Council for the Citizens Party. Barnes, 622 W. 1200 North, served the council for about a year when a city official resigned. He now is chairman of the Lehi Power Board.

Barnes said he wants to improve decisions made among elected officials, city employees and residents. In the past he has had a chance to work with youths in Scouting. He said he wants to involve youths in making decisions in the city. Establishing a Lehi youth council would help solve problems with curfews and graffiti in the community.

Doug Hadfield, 47, Citizens Party, 915 N. 1200 East, has been president of Little League baseball in Lehi. He said he feels an obligation to serve on the City Council and wants the opportunity to pay back the city.

Hadfield said he feels main access roads to the junior high are a big problem right now. He wants to see the Cedar Hollow road enlarged. He also wants to be a part of solving the Hutchings Museum issue. He said he'd like to see it open and running under a "workable situation."