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Cottonwood Hospital

BERRY, Max J. and Robyn, West Jordan, boy.

BEERY, Dale A. and Vickie K., West Jordan, girl.

BULLOCK, Rodney and Kristine M., West Jordan, boy.

CLAWSON, Jeff D. and Melinda W., Sandy, boy.

CROCKETT, Ryan and Felicia K., Park City, boy.

GOODMAN, Rodney G. and Kristin, Salt Lake, girl.

GUSTA, Anthony and Christine, Salt Lake, girl.

HASLAM, Craig L. and Dianna, Salt Lake, girl.

JOHNSON, David and Kimberly, Salt Lake, girl.

LEWIS, Anthony M. and Susan, Park City, boy.

LORDON, Dr. Stephen and Margret, Salt Lake, girl.

MILES, Bradley R. and Karen A., Salt Lake, girl.

RASMSSEN, Norman J. and Diane, Salt Lake, girl.

TURNER, Richard and Pam, Salt Lake, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

KNODEL, Frank and Margee, girl.

NIELSEN, Rees and Tamala, girl.

ROBISON, Lynne, girl.

Jordan Valley Holy Cross-

JOHNSON, Guy and Hazel, Taylorsville, boy.

REYNOLDS, Dale and Valerie, girl.

SNARR, Greg and Kathy, boy.

WEILER, Steven W. and Doris Linn, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ERROR, Michael G. and Linda, boy.

HURST, Darin J. and Tamera, boy.

JOHNSON, Kent F. and Susan, boy.

LANGFORD, Kenneth D. and Renee, girl.

LOY, Richard and Charlotte, girl.

YEATES, Richard and Vonda, boy.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

BILLINGS, Everett and Rae, West Valley, twin boy and girl.

BEACH, Gary M. and Kathy, West Valley, girl.

BELANI, Damon and Susan, West Jordan, girl.

BROWN, Kenny and Sandy, Magna, girl.

HORTON, Brian and Heather, West Valley, boy.

JOHNSTON, Donald and Rachel, Kearns, boy.

KHILBERT,David and Sally, West Jordan, boy.

LIGHTHEAD, Terry and Susan, Magna, girl.

MANSFIELD, Rick and Sandi, West Valley, girl.

McPHEE, Cory and Kathy, West Valley, girl.

REYES, Gilberto and Francesca, Salt Lake, girl.

RUPT, Brad and Audrey, Salt Lake, girl.

WANLESS, Leslie and THOMPSON, Kelly, West Valley, boy.

WRIGHT, Glen C. Sheri, West Valley, boy.

XAI, Laseane and Hikifoou, West Valley, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BILLS, Ronald and Michelle, Salt Lake, boy.

DUNCAN, James and Traci, Wendover, girl.

OHMIE, Evan and Kirsten, Kearns, boy.

OSUNA, Pedro and Stephanie, Sandy, girl.

PHILLIPS, Mike and Tammie, Magna, girl.

PHILLIPS, Troy and Gina, Salt Lake, girl.

ROMANOWSKI, Ben and Vicki, Salt Lake, boy.

WHITTEN, Leonard and Verla, Salt Lake, girl.