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Obedience to God is "not a sacrifice of will but an elevation to a higher purpose and privilege," notes the preface to this book. In an era when the traits of obedience and submissiveness are frowned upon by many in the world, submission to the will of the Lord is a prerequisite for peace and eternal life sought by the disciple of Christ, the apostle writes.

"There are so many subduing reasons to submit and surrender to Him and to our Father's purposes - not out of intimidation, but out of deep appreciation," Elder Maxwell explains. "Jesus was infinitely obedient, suffering an infinite number of things, yet He made possible eternal life with its promise of eternal increase for the elect."The author writes that one aspect of submission is enduring the difficulties of life.

"Spiritual staying power requires strength - strength to be achieved by feasting upon the gospel of Jesus Christ regularly, deeply, and perceptively. . . . The more we become like Christ, the closer we will come to Him and the more we will trust Him. Submission, after all, is the ultimate adoration." - MC