An escaped prisoner sent a videotape back to his captors complaining about his treatment at the jail where he was serving a 25-year term for kidnapping.

Sammy Joe Michael Duncan, 18, complained in the videotape about the length of his sentence for last year's abduction of former Bibb County Sheriff Harry Johnson and Centreville Police Chief Mike Nichols."That was just entirely too much time, considering my age," Duncan said. "I've seen people who committed more violent crimes than mine and got less time than I did."

Duncan, who escaped from the jail earlier this month by slipping through its bars, is seen shirtless on the videotape as he operates the recording device.

The 15-minute tape was found Tuesday night in a garbage can behind a restaurant in Centreville, about 45 miles south of Birmingham, by WBRC-TV cameraman Bill Castle, who said the station was called by someone who said he was Duncan's friend.

The Birmingham station shared the tape with Bibb County Sheriff James Fondren, who reviewed it with deputies Thursday.

"He wants to portray himself as some sort of Robin Hood, a good ol' boy who was mistreated, but nothing could be farther from the truth," said Chief Deputy David McCrary. "He committed a serious felony."

Duncan complained on the videotape that his television set and radio were taken away and family visitations were cut following discovery of a sawed-off shotgun in his cell about a month ago.

"All this pressure they put on me . . . when the pressure gets too far and you can't take it no more, you just got to get away," Duncan said on the tape.