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Mayor Kent Evans says balloting procedures at the city's Republican nominating convention were improper and an abuse of the democratic process.

Evans filed a letter of formal protest with the American Fork City recorder last week after being defeated by B. Kay Hutchings in the Republican mayoral nomination. At least 300 people came to the convention where Evans was defeated by a large margin.Some of the problems Evans claimed were:

-Lack of control of the voting procedure, with ballots being handed out and collected at random.

-No registering of voters and no numbering of the ballots.

-The appointment of an elected county official to the post of Officer of the Convention.

Evans said he isn't concerned that action be taken on results of the election. "The only reason I filed a protest was because I felt there were some improprieties at the convention," he said, adding that he wanted to make the city aware of the problem so there wouldn't be similar problems in the future.

Richard Colborn, city recorder, said his hands are tied when it comes to changing anything in the party nominations and that Evans would have to deal with the Republican party.

"The party nominating committee is an entity within itself," he said. "They can pretty much run things the way they want to."

Colborn did say if Evans wanted any action taken on the complaint, he would have to take it up with the court system. "It's up to him and how far he wants to take this. As far as I know it's just an allegation," said Colborn.

Colborn said that under state law, political parties can govern themselves.

"We were aware that there were some problems because of the number of people that were there. But we used the same procedure that has been used since 1980," said Tom Miller, American Fork Republican Party chairman.

Miller said that no county party officials were present at this year's convention, but they have attended previous conventions where the same procedures were used and they have found no fault in the process. They have even commended local officials on the convention, he said.

Miller said he feels the outcome of the election was accurate. The number of ballots matched the number of people who attended the convention.

He said the party is looking at ways to tighten up the procedure.