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This year's candidates for City Council and mayor have their own ideas on issues ranging from environmental protection to city equipment.

Republican mayoral candidate B. Kay Hutchings runs unopposed this year after Democrats failed to nominate a candidate.Hutchings, 661 E. 875 North, has been a resident of American Fork for 23 years. He has been a member of the American Fork Volunteer Fire Department for 12 years, was a board member of the Utah League of Cities and Towns for two years and is now on the City Council.

Four candidates are on the ballot for two open City Council seats.

Grant Parker, 53, Republican, 340 N. 400 West, is running for a council position. He has worked for Alpine School District for 21 years.

Parker said the Pageant of the Arts board needs to be a separate entity from the city. He said he is opposed to increasing taxes and is against the proposed recreation complex, although he feels American Fork needs a family swimming pool. "The city needs to spend within our means," he said.

Parker said that for him city water is a No. 1 issue. "We need to have adequate water," he said.

Steve Kesler, 31, Democrat, 210 N. Robinson, is running for a City Council seat. Kesler, who works in environmental waste management and runs three businesses dealing in environmental services, said he has environmental answers for the city. Kesler also has worked with the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Kesler said he wants to improve city emergency preparedness and make sure that city emergency volunteers are trained properly.

Democratic council candidate Ricky Storrs, 33, 124 W. 400 South, said he has worked for city government as a city employee. He also has worked for a city service district for 12 years.

"The main thing I feel a council member needs to have is an open mind," Storrs said. "He shouldn't go into an issue negatively."

Storrs said he'd like to get city youths in community affairs. He opposes building the proposed recreation complex but admits the city needs recreation.

"I don't want to see the city in debt. We need to take care of what we have first," Storrs said. "Let's finish what we started first, " he added, referring to a previous recreation project that he said never has been completed.

Storrs also said the Pageant of the Arts needs to be self-sufficient.

Republican candidate Larry Lassen, 70, 236 Pacific Drive, has been a member of the Jaycees for 10 years and a member of the Lions Club for 25 years.

"I'd like to improve the city. We need to clean up and put in curb and gutter," Lassen said.

If elected, Lassen said, he would improve American Fork's water situation and upgrade city equipment.