Manti High School will award a diploma to a one of its former students in May, 20 years after her class graduated.

But the woman, who asked that her name not be used - "Don't embarrass me," she pleaded - won't attend exercises. She lives in California now, is a wife and mother and attends one of the state's universities.The South Sanpete School District Board of Education wouldn't allow the woman to graduate with her class 20 years ago. The action was not taken because she didn't have enough credits - she did - or because her grades were too poor - they weren't. She was denied her diploma because she persisted in wearing her hemline too high, in defiance of the district's dress code.

The woman was a good student, one of her former teachers said, but insisted on maintaining the principle that her hemline was her business.

A different school board has decided that 20 years is long enough.