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Dixie College anticipates a record enrollment this fall.

Dell Taylor, director of registration and admissions, said well over 2,330 students have signed up for fall classes and the numbers increase daily."Last year, our final fall enrollment was 2,201 students," said Taylor. "Our 1988 student full-time equivalent figures were 1,872." He said that for fall 1989, the school has more than 2,100 full-time equivalents with three weeks of registration time to go. "We should be up almost 200 students from last year."

Dixie's growth has not come without problems. Forty class sections were reopened and increased by 10 additional students. Moreover, eight new classes of approximately 30 students each have also been added. Vice President Max Rose said much of the expansion has been accommodated through new part-time faculty.

President Doug Alder said the college's growth is linked to that of Washington County. "I think most people have felt that Dixie would continue to grow along with Washington County. `This is great for the housing market in our community as well as the entire local economy.

"Also, the arrival of all the students is fulfilling the state's plan to have a higher percentage of Utah's students attend community colleges," said Alder.