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Believing it received Mickey Mouse treatment, a Salt Lake sign company is suing the Walt Disney Co. for $1.5 million.

General Display Corp., 1817 N. Beck St., has filed the U.S. District Court suit against Disney over construction of a new marquee for the entrance to Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. General is the successor to Signs Pro., the company that Disney approached for the project.Starting in July 1986, the suit says, Disney agents asked the company to build and erect the new marquee. The Utah operation designed the marquee, including plans, render-ings, drawings and a 3-D model, all of which carried notice of the plaintiffs' copyright.

Disney Co. officials visited Utah and were shown various aspects of the plans, the suit says.

Some changes were made in the plans, the suit says, but in July 1988, "plaintiff was informed that in fact its bid for the design, engineering, construction and erection of the marquee was not accepted."

The suit contends that except for "minor cosmetic modifications to the design," Disney Co. contracted with others to build the project, using the copyrighted material belonging to General Display.