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Interstate 80, from I-15 to Redwood Road

Closed beginning October 1, 1989, to September 30, 1990, for total reconstruction. Nine bridges will be dismantled and reconstructed and new concrete pavement will be layed. Traffic will be detoured mainly to North Temple, I-215 and 2100 South.

In conjunction with the closure of I-80, other on/off ramps had to be closed because of the increased traffic on detour routes:

Westbound 2100 South on ramp from Redwood Road:

Closed for duration of I-80 reconstruction. To eliminate conflict with the increased traffic at the 2100 South/I-215 interchange.

Southbound I-15 Collector Route:

Closed south of 2100 South for duration of I-80 reconstruction. All southbond I-15 Collector Route traffic must exit eastbound or westbound on 2100 South. There is no access to I-15 or I-80 from the Collector Route. To accommodate the additional traffic coming from I-80 through the interchange via 2100 South.

I-15, Knudsen's Corner to 3900 South

Construction of final section of I-215. Expected to be opened to traffic on October 18, 1989.

U-190, Knudsen's Corner to mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon

New connector road from I-215 at Knudsen's Corner to Wasatch Boulevard, and along Wasatch to mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Section from Knudsen's corner to Wasatch boulevard is complete, but section along Wastach is being widened from two lanes to four lanes. Lane restrictions, congestion, delays and slower traffic commuter hours. Expected to be completed in December 1989.

Northbound I-15, 5900 to 3300 South

Concrete slurry overlay to rehabilitate aging and damaged concrete pavement. Lane restrictions and delays. All northbound lanes are expected to be open during commuter hours beginning Wednesday, October 4, but during non-commuter hours there will be lane restrictions and delays while repairs continue. Ramps from eastbound and westbound I-215 to northbound I-15 will also be reopened beginning October 4.