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Investigators have not ruled out homicide as a possibility in the cyanide poisoning death of a California woman whose body was found last weekend near the Dead Horse Point road.

Chief Deputy Doug Squire, of the Grand County Sheriff's office, said an autopsy report from the state medical examiner Friday said "definitely it was cyanide that killed her."Investigators identified the body as that of Kathleen Ratigan, 36, of Glendora, Calif.

Dr. Todd Grey, who performed the autopsy, said Thursday more information was needed from the sheriff's office to determine the circumstances under which the woman ingested the poison.

Grand County Sheriff Jim Nyland suggested the poison was in a bottle of picante sauce near the body.

"We've got some evidence we're going through, physical evidence and interviews and such," Squire said Friday.

"Everything's pointing at this point at suicide, but until we get it in, we won't know for sure."

Squire said testing at the state crime lab should be completed and a determination made by midweek.

The woman's body was discovered last Saturday about 50 yards from U-128 near the top of the switchbacks enroute to Dead Horse Point State Park, investigators said.

Squire said two tourists who had stopped to take pictures of Seven-Mile Canyon spotted the body about 9:30 a.m.

He said the examiner concluded the woman had died that morning.

According to statements made to the sheriff by the victim's husband, the couple had been camping in the area, had an argument, and the woman left camp with her gear, threatening suicide.