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Although the world is ever-changing, guiding revelation will continue to be received, explained Elder Boyd K. Packer at the Saturday morning session.

Elder Packer of the Council of the Twelve began his address by explaining that "the patterns of revelation are not dramatic. The voice of inspiration is a still voice, a small voice."A key to individual revelation, explained Elder Packer, is the Word of Wisdom. "Our physical body is the instrument of our mind.

"In [the Word of Wisdom], we are told how to keep our bodies free from impurities which might dull, even destroy, those delicate physical senses which have to do with spiritual communication. . . .

"If we abuse our body with habit-forming substances, or misuse prescription drugs, we draw curtains which close off the light of spiritual communication."

Elder Packer urged members to earnestly pray that somewhere, somehow, the way will be discovered to erase addiction in the human body.

Elder Packer pointed out that not all inspiration comes from God. "The evil one has the power to tap into those channels of revelation and send conflicting signals which can mislead and confuse us.

"Few things," he continued, "disturb the channels of revelation quite so effectively as those who are misled and think themselves to be chosen to instruct others when they are not chosen. Obedience to constituted priesthood authority will protect us from going astray."

He said there are those within the Church who are disturbed when changes they propose are not made, or when changes are made with which they disagree. They, in turn, write and speak to convince others "that the doctrines and decisions of the Brethren are not given through inspiration."

He raised two fingers as he stated the two things that characterize these people. "They are always irritated by the word `obedience,' and always they question revelation."

There will be changes made in the future as in the past, emphasized Elder Packer. However, "the doctrines will remain fixed, eternal; programs and procedures will be altered as directed by Him whose Church this is."

Elder Packer noted that Church leaders "are ordinary men and women with ordinary capacities struggling to administer a Church which grows at such a pace as to astound even those who watch it closely. Some are disposed to find fault with us. Surely that is easy for them to do. But they do not examine us more searchingly than we do ourselves.

"This we know," he continued. "There are councils and counselors and quorums to counterbalance the foibles and frailties of man. The Lord organized His Church to provide for mortal men to work as mortal men, and yet He assured that the spirit of revelation would guide all that we do in His name."