Leftist rebels said Wednesday that the slayings of 10 union activists could endanger planned peace talks with the government.

A general strike called to protest the slayings had little effect on the capital, however. Public transportation and business were normal despite the strike call Tuesday by the National Federation of Salvadoran Workers, also known as Fenastras.A homemade bomb at Fenastras headquarters on Tuesday killed 10 people and wounded 29. The attack came a day after leftist rebels bombarded the Defense Ministry compound with mortars, killing one person and wounding 15.

President Alfredo Cristiani, addressing the nation Tuesday night, cautioned that "these deeds could signify an escalation of terrorist violence in our country."

Fenastras in a communique said "from now on all workers are at war" with the right-wing government led by the Republican Nationalist Alliance, known as Arena.

Two Americans, Mark Anner of Greenwich, Conn., and Brenda Hubbard of Los Angeles, were injured in the attacks. Anner was wounded at Fenastras and Hubbard at the Comadres office.