Programs that offer "a little bit of everything" to Logan's growing population of summer visitors are a new phenomena at Utah State University, a trend that is likely to grow.

The offerings range from specialized one-week class offerings to concerts to local tours - just about anything a visitor could ask for.About 1,800 visitors, mostly retirees seeking relief from the hot Arizona summers, are making Logan their June-through-August residence. Most rent or lease the apartments vacated by USU students who go home during the summer.

Jeannie Simmonds, director of the Merrill Library Society's summer program, said the scatter-gun approach has enough variety to get almost everyone involved in at least one program during their stay.

Many of the visitors are Easterners who have retired to Arizona.

David Fidelman, a New York native, has been attending the Logan programs for three years and is already planning to return in 1990. Fidelman attended USU's summer science lecture series, audited a number of summer school courses and also participated in a number of the two-day programs offered by the library.

Former Michiganders Arthur and Mary Loch said they picked up a little bit of new information from each activity attended. Of particular interest were campus tours and a presentation on the grasslands of the Soviet Union .

One regret offered by the Arizona visitors was that many of the programs ended in August with the end of USU's summer quarter.