Jim McMahon has been the talk of the town this week, and it has nothing to do with the quarterback's return from a one-week demotion to start in San Diego's game Sunday against Philadelphia.

He has been ripped in local sports columns and on radio talk shows as crude and rude for a literally snotty exchange with a reporter.McMahon, in a brief, obscenity-laced interview Friday, said he didn't want to talk about why he blew his nose on a reporter earlier this week.

"I've got nothing to say on anything," he said. "I've got no opinions on anything. I'm a mush brain."

Asked if he would apologize, McMahon said, "Hell, no. It was either that or beat the (heck) out of him but you can't get sued for sneezing."

He then added that he was through talking to reporters. He cut off the interview by walking to a trash can in the middle of the locker room and loudly blowing his nose into it as several of his teammates broke into laughter.

The uproar over McMahon's behavior toward the media began Monday, when he was approached by several reporters who questioned him about last week's 10-7 loss at Seattle.

McMahon, who has refused to talk to reporters for the past two weeks, said little or nothing in response to Monday's questioning.

One reporter, T.J. Simers of The San Diego Union, persisted, asking McMahon about the Chargers' problems the past month in running the two-minute offense.

McMahon grew silent, then walked past the reporter, held a finger to his nose to close one nostril and blew out the other.

"There's an answer for you," McMahon said before walking away.

Chargers' coach Dan Henning suggested the media shared some blame for the distasteful episode.

"Nobody has the right to continually badger someone who does not want to talk," he said.