Three significant anniversaries were observed by Church members during President Heber J. Grant's service as prophet and president of the Church.

The 100th anniversary of the Prophet's First Vision was commemorated during the April 1920 conference."Remarks by the brethren had a bearing upon the great work accomplished by the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the authenticity of his story," wrote Elder Joseph Fielding Smith in Essentials in Church History.

The 100th anniversary of the appearance of the Angel Moroni to the Prophet was celebrated Sept. 21-23, 1923, at the Smith Farm, the Sacred Grove and the Hill Cumorah in New York. Addresses were made by the leading brethren and a program of speaking, music and prayer was featured. Many strangers, as well as the members of the Church, were deeply impressed.

A three-day celebration was held in April 1930, observing the centennial anniversary of the organization of the Church. The 100th Annual Conference of the Church convened in the Tabernacle on Sunday, April 6, 1930, and continued until the afternoon of Wednesday, April 9.

In addition, "a pageant, entitled `The Message of the Ages,' was presented in the Tabernacle. The pageant commenced on the night of April 6, 1930, and continued without interruption for thirty nights," wrote Elder Smith.



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Information compiled by Kellene Ricks.

Sources: Profiles of the Presidents, by Emerson R. West; The Presidents of the Church, by Preston Nibley; Essentials in Church History, by Joseph Fielding Smith; and The Presidents of the Church, Biographical Essays, edited by Leonard J. Arrington.