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Young people are usually so glad to work and get a few coins jingling in their pockets for hamburgers or a videotape rental they don't realize there are restrictions on how that money can be earned.

So, it's probably up to employers to know that the Labor Code Recodification Task Force has drafted a bill that makes some changes in the employment of minors (under 18). The bill will be submitted to the Legislature for consideration in January.During the task force meetings in the past few months, it became clear that members don't want to prevent minors from working, but work must not interfere with school, and they won't be allowed to work under hazardous conditions.

The bill states, "It is a policy of the state of Utah to encourage the growth and development of minors through providing work opportunities while at the same time adopting reasonable safeguards for their health, safety and education."

To that end, the bill says minors may not be employed or permitted to work in any hazardous occupation except as authorized by the State Industrial Commission in writing when the minor is under careful supervision in connection with or following completion of an apprentice program, vocational training or rehabilitation program approved by the commission.

The task force has retained the provision that Utahns under 16 cannot work during school hours unless authorized by proper school authorities. They also cannot work more than four hours before or after school, work before 5 a.m. or after 9:30 p.m. unless the next day isn't a school day, work more than eight hours in a 24-hour period or work more than 40 hours per week.

Minors older than 16 can work in all occupations not declared hazardous and in occupations which involve the use of motor vehicles if the minor is licensed to drive.

Minors 14 and older can work in a wide variety of non-hazardous jobs such as retail food services; automobile service stations (excluding operation of motor vehicles and use of hoists); public messenger service; janitorial and custodial service; lawn care; the use of approved types of vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, power lawn mowers and sidewalk removal equipment; and other similar work approved by the commission.

Minors 14 years of age and older also can work in non-hazardous areas in manufacturing, warehousing and storage, construction and other areas determined not harmful by the commission.

Children 12 years of age and older may work in such occupations as sale and delivery of periodicals; door-to-door sale and delivery of merchandise; baby sitting; non-hazardous agricultural work; and any other occupation determined not harmful by the commission.

Minors 10 years of age and older may work delivering handbills, newspapers, advertising and advertising samples; shining shoes, gardening or lawn care where power-driven lawn or snow removal equipment aren't involved; golf caddying and any occupations determined not harmful by the commission.

The law states that with consent of a minor's parent, guardian or custodian, no specific age limitations or restrictions are imposed for home chores and other work done for parents or guardians, any casual work determined by the commission as not harmful and agricultural work including operation of power-driven farm machinery in the production of the agricultural products.