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The Nephi City Council is considering installing street lights from the old city limit to the edge of the freeway interchange on the south end of the city.

A few years ago the area was annexed into the city, but street lights were never added. Councilman Forrest Anderson suggested the council consider adding the lights.He pointed out that visitors to the community who leave the freeway at the south interchange cannot even see the city because of a hill.

"If we add lights it might show the way to Nephi," he said.

Anderson suggested the idea be presented to the water and power board to help determine whether the idea is feasible.

Costs may be prohibitive. However, the street lights could be erected on only one side of the street or could be staggered if the expense of placing them on both sides of the street was too great.

The street into Nephi used to be part of the main highway system until the freeway bypassed the city.