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Do pets need special care during the holidays?

Here are important health tips for the holiday season. Turkey, ham and pork bones can be deadly to dogs and cats. Bones may splinter and lodge in the throat or pierce intestinal walls. Chocolate is a deadly treat. It can kill your dog! Unsweetened chocolate is the most dangerous. Overfeeding your pet is easy to do, especially during the holidays, so watch yourself with the extra goodies!For more information on holiday pet safety, contact Salt Lake County Animal Services, 264-2247.

What is Animal Control?

Animal Control is a division of city or county government that enforces animal-related laws and encourages harmony between people and domestic animals. In most circumstances your animal control department will be able to handle many situations.

1. Cruelty investigation - Animal control personnel enforce laws governing humane treatment of animals. If necessary, they may remove animals from unsafe or unhealthy conditions and begin legal action against negligent owners.

2. Complaint investigation - Animal control personnel may look into complaints of noisy, destructive or threatening animals. If necessary, proper legal action may be taken (including citations, fines and impoundment).

3. Animal rescue - Animal control personnel use their special knowledge and equipment to help find and rescue lost or trapped animals.

4. Animal ambulance - Injured animals are safely and humanely transported to the appropriate health-care facility.

5. Animal quarantine - Animals that bite are located and captured to make certain that they're not carrying disease.

Within the larger metropolitan areas some agencies will even offer speciality services such as vaccination clinics, adoption programs, sterilization agreements, education and information programs.

You need to check with your local agency to determine their policies and procedures; each operation will be run differently according to its local government.

If you have a question (health, behavior problems, laws, etc.) regarding animals, wild or domestic, send it to Leslie Kelson-Probert, Salt Lake County Animal Services, 511 W. 3900 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84123.