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Because they are considered to be the best in the business, Steve Morris, owner of Modern Shoe and Luggage Repair, said extra steps are taken to live up to the reputation.

Utah Holiday Magazine, for example, said Modern Shoe and Luggage Repair had the best shoe repair in Utah.The end results of all of this is better shoe care for the customer. Morris said the goal of the company has been, and always will be, to offer quality service at reasonable prices.

One example of this, said Morris, is that when ladies bring in their high-heel shoes, "we fix the heel covers so that the little scrapes and scuffs are not noticeable. A lot of companies will simply try to sell a new heel or a new shoe. Because of our experience we know how to do this. Other companies don't."

Modern Shoe has been in the shoe repair business for 30 years. It currently has a second store in downtown Salt Lake City.

Asked if there is a point when people should consider repairing shoes, Morris said that when the heel wears down too much, the twisting will cause damage to the interior of the shoe.

Also, when a hole first come through the sole, "get the shoes in as soon as possible to eliminate added expense of replacing the inner sole."

Modern Shoe and Luggage Repair will have a large selection of Christmas gifts available. Among the items will be the traditional shoe shine kits. There is also products to waterproof shoes and to remove salt stains caused during the wet weather.