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A state team has fully accredited Weber State College's vocational education programs and praised its business and health education programs as among Utah's best.

"Although you haven't yet reached the pinnacle, you can be proud that you've made remarkable progress," said Gary Lloyd, chairman of vocational accreditation for the state education office.Lloyd and R. Russell Whitaker, state vocational accreditation specialist, were among a 40-member team that audited and evaluated WSC's vocational and education programs last April.

With the good marks, the team told administrators the next goal should be to educate the public about its vocational programs.

Their report, presented to WSC's Institutional Council earlier this week, marks the third time the college's vocational education programs have received accreditation. The process takes place every five years and, in the past, accreditation for some of the departments has been conditional.

Lloyd said this year marks the first time the school has been granted full accreditation for every department.

Here are some of the findings:

- The team gave outstanding ratings to every aspect of WSC's health occupations program, noting that the academic performance of students enrolled in the program exceeds national examination standards.

- They also gave outstanding ratings to Weber State's business education program, saying the college sets the standard for telecommunication classes statewide.

- The program's physical facility is inadequate, and recommended that proposed remodeling to the building be coordinated so as not to interrupt students' learning.

Accreditors said administrators must plan now to find additional space to accommodate projected growth in the program.

- WSC nursing programs also got high marks from accreditors, who said the curriculum is very up-to-date," and that the school is working very hard to meet the demand for nurses in the state.

- WSC's auto body, automotive, archaeological technician, computer science, design graphics, electronics and machine tools programs were found to meet state standards, as was its home economics program, the report said.

WSC President Stephen Nabauld said administrators are pleased with the report.

"We believe it shows that our commitment to vocational education is paying off," he said.