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Casting call: Pop star Prince has joined Kim Basinger on a 19-minute short film called "The Scandalous Sex Suite," doubling as the video for the song "Scandalous" . . . Actress Jessica Harper is joining the cast of "It's Garry Shandling's Show" on Fox TV . . . Frank Whaley and Jennifer Connelly have headed to Atlanta to start shooting "Career Opportunities" for Universal . . . Danny Glover has signed on to do battle with an amorous alien monster in "Predator II," set to film in February.

Dustin Hoffman is ticketed to star in "Damon," the true story of a homeless man adopted by residents of an off-campus house at Harvard University . . . Anjelica Huston, John Cusack and Annette Bening have begun filming "The Grifters," based on Jim Thompson's novel about con artists . . . Stella ("The Poseidon Adventure") Stevens is joining NBC-TV's "Santa Barbara" . . . Joseph ("Hooperman") Gian is joining CBS-TV's "Knots Landing" . . . Gena Rowlands has signed to star in "In Deep Waters," playing a housewife whose life changes when her teen-age son is diagnosed as schizophrenic.Mario ("The Godfather") Puzo has begun writing "Christopher Columbus: The Movie," an epic due for release in 1992 . . . "Cosmo" and "Sports Illustrated" cover girl Carol Alt is making two exercise videos, slated for January release . . . William Hurt has signed to star in Wim Wenders' fantasy love story "Until the End of the World."

Newcomer Sandra Bullock has the lead role in the "Working Girl" TV series, being readied as an NBC midseason replacement . . . Debra Winger, John Malkovich and Campbell Scott are headed to Algeria, where they're making "The Sheltering Sky" with producer/director Bernardo Bertolucci . . . Onetime "Hill Street Blues" co-star Jon Cypher has gotten nod as host of the "Brooklyn Legends" series in the works for cable TV syndication . . . Bruce Dern, Jason Patric and Rachel Ward have begun filming "After Dark, My Sweet" . . . Robert Davi, a James Bond adversary in "Licence to Kill," is the good guy as shooting starts on "Peacemaker."

Sammy Davis Jr. is expected to headline "Dingo," a new Australian film about a chance encounter between an Aussie and a legend of jazz . . . Brooke Adams has signed to play Charles Grodin's wife in "Filofax," which also stars James Belushi . . . Robert Mitchum will take on his first TV series role, having signed on for "Regular Joe," due to debut next spring on NBC-TV . . . Robert de Niro will headline director Oliver Stone's movie "The Conquest," based on the novel by former Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo.