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Juab County commissioners approved 2-1 a 1990 budget that includes no tax increase and a salary increase for only two employees.

The budget approval came after several disagreements among the commissioners over where some of the money would go.Budget expenditures for 1990 will be $2,987,882, a $34,486 or 1 percent increase over the estimated 1989 budget. The budget was prepared assuming a decrease in overall property taxes of $7,117 or 1 percent.

Commissioner Jim Brough objected to the budget package. Commissioner Jim Garrett and Commission Chairman Joseph Bernini voted in favor of it.

West Juab County Precinct Justice of the Peace Charles H. Blouch received a $1,200 yearly salary increase.

County Attorney Don Eyre Jr. received the other salary increase. The increase, he said, was funded from $130,000 seized in drug cases. He said the $3,500 annual increase would pay for bills and other expenses to get the funds in the first place.

Commissioner Brough suggested the county attorney's raise should not be granted unless Eyre agrees to work full time for the county. Brough said money should go to the county treasurer's office to bring one part-time employee to full-time status and to the county recorder's office where cuts were made three years ago.

But Eyre said he was elected as a part-time county attorney and that county drug arrests have increased during his appointment.

Commissioners granted a request from J. C. Smith, Eureka, for $1,000 in matching funds so the East Juab Sheriff's Posse can set up their main offices. A building has been donated to the posse by Utah Power & Light, but it needs some work, said Smith.

Brough said the sheriff's department should get rid of two employees. "We have an overabundance of law enforcement employees," he said.

However, Clarence Phillipson, Nephi, defended the department. "The sheriff's department is the one doing the work," he said. "Any detective work that is done is done by the sheriff's department.

As commissioners began considering each of the budget recommendations on an individual basis, Brough and Bernini disagreed.

"Sometimes I don't understand you, Richard," Bernini told Brough. Bernini later said that Brough had agreed to the budget in executive session.

Brough, however, said Bernini was the one who often changed his mind.

"I haven't changed on my goals," said Bernini.