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Children participating in Wheeler Farm's "Wonderful Worlds of Santa" this year are treated to hayrides, a living nativity scene and a depiction of the tradition of Santa through the ages.

But they also get a chance to write to the jolly old elf at the farm's post office where Miss L. Toe makes sure the Christmas wish lists are sent to Santa post-haste.

The farm shared some of the mail with the Deseret News before the letters made their way north, and the contents of some of the letters reveals that some Christmas wishes never change, while others reflect the trends and fads that never seem to stay the same from year to year:

"Dear Santa, Merry Christmas!!! My wish is for peace on earth (and good grades). P.S. Have a great flight." - Terry.

"Santa, I want peace in the world. Thanx. Really though I'd settle for a horse." - Unsigned.

"Dear Santa, I want a skate bord, Nintendo games." - Jared.

"Dear Santa, I've been waiting for Christmas for heaven knows how long. I don't know what I want for Christmas so you tell me. Cant't wait." - Tina.

"Dear Santa, I've been wondeful (ok so I've ben pretty good). I want pirate Legos." - Zachary.

"Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a big TEDDY BEAR! (or a Corvette, which ever is easiest to come by). - Shea.

"Santa, I was so bad so I want some coal for Christmas because I was very (and 32 additional verys) bad." - Unsigned, doubtless because they knew Santa would recognize who they were.

"Dear Santa, Hi! How's life? I want a Reindeer. P.S.S. I want Blitzen." - Natala.

"Dear Santa, Could a raindeer live in a house? because I want one!" - Unsigned.

"Dear Santa, Thank you for last year's presents. Please bring me what you feel I deserve. I've been a good boy." - Arron.

"Dear Santa, I want everybody to know Jesus." - Billy.

"Dear Santa, I would like a sweater, a car and a teenage Mutant Ninja Tutle" - Unsigned.

"Dear Santa, Please let me get a scholarship for college so I can take care of my mom." - Kim.

"Dear Santa, I want a CAR & a STEREO. I've been really good. I promise. I wouldn't lie to you." - Unsigned.

"Santa, I really liked seeing you tonight. Will you wake me up when you come to my house? What will you bring?" - Autumn and Ashley.

"Dear Santa, I have been very very good. I like to help my mom set the table. I make my bed almost every day and I give the best hugs and kisses in the world. (My mom made me say that)" - Elizabeth.

"Dear Santa, I would like to have a black or red Corvette. I know it's not much but hey we need a car. Love tons." - Laura & Greg.

"Dear Santa, I haven't been a very good boy, but I still want a trip to Disneyland." - John.

"Hey Santa what's shaking (other than your tummy)? Well, could you give me a micro-phone this year! Thanks Bud! See ya dude. I saw ya last year so see ya next year!" - Nicole.