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More than 70 people condemned the U.S. military intervention in Panama as they marched Saturday in front of the Federal Building in downtown Salt Lake City and held a moment of silence to honor American soldiers killed earlier in the week.

Chanting "Hey, hey, ho, ho, we don't want your stupid war," "U.S. out of Panama," and holding signs that read "Bush and Noriega: two international criminals," the group demonstrated for an hour while traffic slowed and drivers watched with curiosity."Go home, you jerks," one unidentified driver yelled. Another told them to "respect the government."

Representatives from the Utah Central America Solidarity Coalition, Salt Lake Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, the Socialist Workers Party and the Salt Lake Joe Hill Club denounced the U.S. military intervention to safeguard the new civilian government of President Guillermo Endara and capture Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega.

"This is one more example of what the U.S. did to the Dominican Republic in 1965. We screwed up that country. We also screwed up Grenada in 1983. I want the U.S. to stop and set a good example and do helpful, productive things for third world countries," said Bruce Plenk, co-chairman of the Central American Solidarity Coalition.

Irma Sayer, vice president of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, said "we stand for non-intervention and self-determination of all people. We're adamantly opposed to our country intervening in another's country's affairs."

Mabel Langford, Honduras, Costa Norte, said the United States "has its nose everywhere. Just for one person, they didn't have to go and kill so many others. We know Noriega is a bad guy, but that's an excuse. The U.S. should get out and let them do their own business."

But Robert Sprinkle, the only protester in favor of the government's action said "most Americans favor the U.S. intervention. George Bush had no other choice. You can't let someone like Noriega push you around."