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The new provisional government, having swiftly tried, convicted and executed dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Wednesday warned holdouts among the despised leader's secret police to surrender or face severe punishment.

The ultimatum from the ruling National Salvation Front, broadcast on official Romanian television and radio, warned Ceausescu's security police to surrender by Thursday evening or face summary justice - presumed to be a firing squad - from military tribunals.The broadcasts said secret police "terrorists" remained active - shooting at random at officials and civilians in Bucharest, Timisoara and other cities despite Monday's execution by firing squad of Ceausescu and his wife, Elena.

The Romanian food administration announced Wednesday it would put oranges, coffee and tea on sale, items that have been absent from stores for at least five years. The food administration said it would end food rationing, making meat, edible oil, butter, rice, sugar, fruit and vegetables available without coupons.

Tuesday, stores were selling fresh meat and eggs for the first time in years. Although there were long lines, citizens, whose food allotment had been rationed, were allowed to buy as much as they wanted.

Tension was easing Wednesday in the capital. There were fewer "People's Militia" checks on the streets, and more soldiers and police were positioned at intersections. Tanks and armored vehicles were posted in front of major buildings in the capital.

Witnesses reported troops and police clashed early Wednesday with security units near two critical points in Bucharest - the railway station and at a newly built housing block downtown.

At dawn Wednesday, members of the security police attacked the building housing Romanian television, where the fledgling government is operating, but the army put down the attack, Hungarian radio said. There was no elaboration on the fighting and no word on casualties.

Ceausescu, in videotape of his trial released Tuesday, defended his rule and without remorse denied slaughtering Romanians before he and his wife were executed.

The provisional government, which also announced its leadership Tuesday and said free elections would be held in April, released videotaped scenes of Ceausescu and his wife during their emotional trial Monday and following their execution.

It was the first confirmation that the death sentences had been carried out as reported by Romanian television, which has been under the control of the uprising's leaders since Ceausescu's ouster Friday.

"I am the president and the commander in chief of the army!" Ceausescu fumed at the military tribunal that convicted him of genocide and other crimes, rejecting the court's authority to try him and his wife.

"I don't recognize you. You are just simple citizens here sitting across from me! I am the president of the Socialist Republic of Romania! I will answer the representatives of the working people but not here in front of coup d'etat plotters who used foreign help."

The videotape showed Ceausescu and his wife, until Friday the second-most powerful leader in Romania, but hid the identities of the military judge, prosecutor and jurors.

At the end of the 45-minute broadcast, the prosecutor asked if the Ceausescus understood the charges against them, including genocide, destruction of villages, ruining the economy and siphoning of billions of dollars of state funds into foreign banks.

"I acknowledge nothing of this," Ceausescu declared.

The judge, still off-screen, said, "In the name of the people this court condemns Nicolae Ceausescu and Elena Ceausescu to death on a unanimous secret ballot. We're sorry. These are final decisions."

The television cut to a scene of the couple's bodies in a courtyard, then closed with the logo of "Free Romania Television."

Earlier Tuesday, newly named President Ion Iliescu and Prime Minister Petre Roman defended the decision to execute the Ceausescus, saying the verdict was legal and that quick execution was necessary because forces loyal to the dictator were plotting a rescue attempt.

Iliescu has said nearly every member of the Communist Party Politburo had been arrested and would be put on trial.