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Politics - Congressman Howard Nielson announces he won't run for a fifth term, leaving the 1990 race wide open.

Higher education - Rex E. Lee becomes BYU's 10th president.

Public education - Utah County teachers join in a statewide walkout.

Business - Seven Peaks Resort, the successor of Heritage Mountain, finally opens for business after 40 years of talk about a resort in the mountains east of Provo.

Environment - Geneva Steel announces a $70 million modernization plan to decrease pollution - critics say it's still not enough.

Hottest off-field rivalry - Discussions between scientists at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah get heated over cold-fusion findings.

Best proof that this is Happy Valley - A small group protests the SCERA Theater in Orem, saying a 1950s film, "Trader Tom of the China Seas," is too violent for children.

Bad guy - Michael Anthony Archuleta is sentenced to death by Utah County jurors for the torture slaying of a Southern Utah State College student.

Tragic - A recreational plane flight ends in tragedy when two Utah County men crash into Utah Lake on Nov. 9. Both men drown.

Touching - Jason Overman, the young boy who captured the hearts of many Utahns, dies at age 7 after a battle with cancer.

Sexiest (or lack of it) - Provo's sex solicitation ordinance is declared unconstitutional by the Utah Supreme Court.

Love story - County residents find that love breaks all barriers when three World Folkfest dancers defect to the United States to be with the men they love.

Close call - A chase up Payson Canyon - complete with gunfire - finds a Utah County sheriff's deputy in jeopardy.