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The Philadelphia Daily NewsIn case you've been wondering why the American automobile industry has gone over the edge despite the best efforts of great businessmen like Lee Iacocca, . . . the Washington Post . . . pinpointed the reason.

It's not the American autoworker, maligned over the past several years as overpaid, unproductive and all kinds of other slanders. Nope. American autoworkers are making cars so well there are lines forming for them all over Japan, where automobile quality is almost a cult.

The trouble is somewhere else altogether. The trouble starts with the very same people whining about unfair competition and about those allegedly lax American workers. The trouble is the imbeciles who run American automobile companies, the guys who beg government bailouts and mourn the passing of the tailfin.

Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi all have plants here. Those plants are full of American workers making cars.

Back home in Japan, people actually want those cars. Many of them actually prefer those cars. So there are plans to ship at least 163,000 cars to Japan annually in a couple of years. U.S. workers are making Japanese cars to ship to Japanese buyers.

That doesn't sound like the problem is U.S. workers.

Sounds like the problem is U.S. managers. Too bad we can't export them to Japan.