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Apparently, David E. Hewett doesn't like lawyers.

In his latest move to have city officials agree to a recount of the general election, Hewett has requested a jury trial without a lawyer as judge.The one-time write-in candidate was denied a recount in November because the 19 votes he received in the general election was more than 5,000 votes fewer than he needed to make it to the City Council.

Hewett subsequently filed suit against the city in Provo's 4th District Court. He wanted a "roll-call recount." Orem filed a motion to dismiss the case on Dec. 4.

On Dec. 21, Hewett filed another motion in the court that argues against dismissal and says, "Due to the overwhelming influence of lawyers on the courts the plaintiff has requested a jury trial of these proceedings. He also requests that a judge be appointed who has no ties to the legal profession."

Hewett's 12-page motion contains numerous biblical references and cites them as legal justification for his unusual motion.

He compares lawyers to prostitutes and holds lawyers responsible for high medical costs and poor medical facilities in rural Utah. He says lawyers are trying to take water rights away from smaller cities and powerless people.