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To the editor:

Save Our Canyons is a Salt Lake City-based organization dedicated to public awareness and involvement in the management of Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. As such, we are normally busy enough to not go looking for issues and battles outside of our area of concern.However, we have discovered that we cannot afford to ignore the potential implications of Snowbasin's proposed expansion. Snowbasin is basically asking that the Forest Service just throw out the existing plan and replace it with a massive development. Snowbasin claims it will be unable to afford to continue its operations unless it is granted all it is requesting. It sounds like blackmail. If the Forest Service buys this argument, it will set a far-reaching management precedent.

When Snowbasin was bought by Earl Holding, he knew what the existing policies were. For him to now claim that the Forest Service needs to completely reverse its policies in order for him to make a profit is ludicrous. If he made a miscalculation when he bought Snowbasin, he should not expect the public to suffer the consequences.

Michael Budig

Save Our Canyons

Salt Lake City