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A trucking company that once consisted of one model-T Ford and hauled farm products for neighbors of the owner, C.R. England, has moved into a four-building complex at 4701 W. 2100 South as part of a $5 million expansion.

William K. England, chairman of C.R. England & Sons Trucking, said the new complex is utilizing 25 of 53 acres owned by the company at the new location, which replaces an eight-acre site at 975 W. 2100 South. England and his brother, Eugene K. England, company president, operate the corporation started in 1919.William said the company purchased the 53-acre site 15 years ago for investment purposes, but when it became difficult to get their equipment into the old site, they decided to develop the land.

The new complex consists of a 25,000-square-foot office building for the administrative personnel and computer operation; a 28,000-square-foot service building where the tractors and trailers are painted, repaired and serviced; an 8,000-square-foot temporary fueling building where light services also is performed; and a large building where automatic equipment brushes and washes the equipment.

William said his fleet of 750 tractors and 1,000 trailers is recognized in the industry as the most spotless and best maintained equipment and driven by expert drivers who observe the speed limit and are courteous.

C.R. England founded the company in Plain City, Weber County, and hauled farm produce in his model-T to Ogden and Brigham City. The largest fleet he ever had was five trucks.

After World War II, C.R. and his sons formed a partnership and tried to obtain operating authority from the Interstate Commerce Commission so they could haul items other and exempt commodities such as agricultural items. C.R. England concentrated on hauling produce from Utah to eastern points and bringing fish and poultry back to Utah until the ICC approval was forthcoming.

The company incorporated in 1960 and in 1977 received its ICC authority, but two years later the trucking industry was deregulated and "everybody started hauling everything," William said.

William said his company has 1,000 employees and this year had $75 million in revenue. Next year he expects a 25 percent increase. C.R. England died a year ago.