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In a effort to understand skin care, I have sampled several skin-care regimens over the past few months. I have tried Biotherm, Elysee, and Nu Skin products. I have not been able to find the perfect line of skin-care products, because, unfortunately, I like them all.

I went from washing with plain old Cetaphil lotion to a more time-consuming and somehow more satisfying routine of cleansing lotions, scrubs and moisturizers.The results have been good, but not as astounding as I had hoped they might be. It seems to me my skin is softer now. When pressed, my coworkers will say I do look more radiant. My husband notices no difference.

I find I especially enjoy Biotherm's cleansing cream, Elysee's herbal cleanser and NuSkin's body soap - which smells like grapefruit.

I realize that my nose has led me to these preferences, that they are unscientific and even heretical, since those who sell the products say all the products in one line are designed to be used with each other, and not with someone else's products.

I have discovered only two things through my research. First, facials are wonderfully relaxing. Second, the human face won't blow up if you put several different cleansing creams on it. - S.L.W.