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What folks like best about Scrooge is it really stinks.

The mixture of fox urine, skunk essence and other animal odors is in demand this time of year by evergreen owners trying to ward off thieves who are not willing to buy Christmas trees, the manufacturer said.Rocky Mountain Wildlife Services owner Major Boddicker began selling raw materials for the malodorous spray to the city of Westminster a few years ago. This year, he began marketing Scrooge to cemeteries, cities, ski areas, landscape companies and private landowners.

The smell not only discourages thieves, it also punishes those who proceed with their plans. Once the tainted trees are taken indoors, heat intensifies the odor. While the stench can be considerable, the odor is nontoxic, biodegradable and wears off in a couple of weeks, Boddicker said.

"It's kind of like a dog messing up a fire hydrant," Boddicker said. "It washes and wears off.

Skunk extract, sold by trappers for $8-$12 an ounce and fox urine, obtained from fox fur farms, are relatively easy to find, he said. "It's surprising how many uses there are for that stuff."