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DEAR ABBY: Most people are familiar with Seeing Eye dogs for the blind, but not many are aware that there are Hearing Ear dogs trained to assist the deaf.

I am a deaf person who has a Hearing Ear dog named Danny. We are a team. Danny goes everywhere with me. We have been stopped by grocery store managers who ask us to leave, saying, "We don't allow dogs in here."Abby, every state in the union (except Hawaii and Alaska) has laws guaranteeing deaf persons the right to be accompanied by a specially trained dog. These dogs wear a bright orange leash and collar.

It cost more than $3,500 to train Danny. I also had to be trained to handle Danny. I keep him clean and well-groomed, so he's always presentable when we go out in public.

Please print this, Abby. Maybe people will stop complaining about "that dog" in stores where ordinary dogs are not allowed. Thank you. - S.G. AND DANNY, MILWAUKIE, ORE.

DEAR S.G.: Glad to help. And now for a related bone of contention: Readers - when you see a Seeing Eye or Hearing Ear dog, please do not pet it or try to make friends with it. The dog is "working" and should not be distracted from its duties.

DEAR ABBY: You advised a 17-year-old girl to dump her boyfriend for pushing sex on her. Three cheers!

Then, a couple of days later, another girl wrote to say, "If you don't give him what he wants, some little tramp will" and, "You'll go to your grave with your virginity," because all the other fish in the sea want the same thing.

I'm a young man (20) who has managed to struggle along with my virtue intact. I am proud of my virginity and have all intentions of taking it to my honeymoon. I also don't like the idea of giving myself to a "little tramp" who's already caught all the other fish out there. Moral issues aside, I'd rather go to my grave with my virginity than with AIDS.

I hope you will run this, because I haven't seen a male response yet. - TODD

DEAR TODD: I've heard from many male virgins who share your views. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: This letter is in response to the letter from "Been There."

I am a 20-year-old male college student. I've gone with the same girl for almost a year, and we are both virgins. I have never put pressure on any girl to have sex with me. I couldn't live with myself if I had.

At a college of 30,000, it is easy to find a girl to have sex with, but I don't want a relationship like that.

Not all men are looking for a girl who will jump into the sack with them on the first date. And contrary to what most people believe, a man and a woman in love can sleep together without having sex. We have done this a few times. The pleasure I received from it was the feeling of having the person I love being next to me as I fell asleep and woke up.

Face it, "Been There," nice guys don't finish last, and good girls don't end up alone. Better to go to your grave with your virginity than to give it to a jerk. - HAPPY IN IOWA